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clients have with Vihta Online Booking Service


Development based on client needs

The laboratories belonging to the hospital district of Helsinki and Uusimaa, HUSLAB, have used Vihta booking services from 2011 onward. The utilization of the service has grown every year. And now the clients can book an appointment online to over 100 testing facilities. Of the almost 100 000 monthly procedure appointments over half are reserved online.

Also, the appointments made over telephone are logged into Vihta to its view designed for centralized reservations. Because of this clients, who make the booking by telephone, can still receive confirmation and reminder messages by email if they want to.

HUSLAB has had a significant impact on the development of Vihta booking service. Due to the close cooperation we have developed properties that help with booking mass screenings and testing on location.

HUSLAB utilizes Vihta when they book appointments for pap smears. Vihta generates a pre-booked time for all clients invited to the pap smear. The client can then either accept the given time or change or cancel online or by phone, if needed.

Our cooperation led to Vihta’s implementation to the management of testing done on location. This means that the personnel in assisted living accommodations can electronically order a testing on location for their clients.


Online booking saves time and noticeably improves customer service.

Tampere Sports Medical Centre (Tampereen Urheilulääkäriasema, TaULA) is a centre for exercise and sports related health care and works closely with the UKK Institute. Tampere Sports Medical Centre makes groundbreaking studies about sports injuries. This is why top athletes and other athletes on different levels trust their services and the skills of their personnel.

Vihta booking service has served the Centre’s clients and personnel from the beginning of 2016. The experiences during the year have been positive according to the Centre’s research and service coordinator Irja Lahtinen. Every 4th booking is a booking made by the client online, which has cut down on the time needed for telephone reservations. Availability has improved, because the booking is no longer influenced by the Centre’s opening hours.

“We have been very happy with Vihta booking service. The service is easy to use from the perspective of an employee and the feedback from clients has been positive”, says Lahtinen, who is the main user of the Centre’s Vihta booking services.

”We can recommend Vihta for other private medical centres: online booking is modern, saves time and noticeably improves customer service", Lahtinen concludes.

Work time is spared for the essential things

“Booking an appointment is no longer made by the office door or in the school halls or by email, but it’s made online where students can book an appointment 24 hours a day. This reduced the amount of appointments booked by email and phone significantly. We can now use more of our work hours for counselling.”

“Vihta booking has made guidance counselling more predictable and structured. Now, I know in advance who has booked a time and what they wish to talk about, and I can use that information to prepare for the session. The student can describe what questions they have when they book the time. Vihta also makes it possible to ask the student to fill out an inquiry form in Wilma for background information for the guidance counselling, for example.”

"We are very happy with Vihta and we can highly recommend it to other educational institutions. The investment was worth it for out school and it made it possible to arrange counselling in a completely new way."

Milla Lalu

Guidance counsellor